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Landscape Weed Management (CS 053)

Landscape Weed Management Syllabus (CS 053) Fall 2010

Instructor: Dr. Joseph C. Neal
Office: 262 Kilgore Hall
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., by appointment only.
Contact Dr. Neal via email for an appointment.

Date Topics Lecture Outlines Presentations Handouts
OCT 11 Landscape Weed Management Overview – Principles, Site assessment, Types of landscape plantings and weed management options for each. Outline and
Reading assignment
Presentation Handout
OCT 13 Landscape Weed Management Overview continued:  Weed management options cont., site preparation Outline Presentation Handout
OCT 18 Fumigation, Steam Pasteurization and Solarization Outline Presentation Handout
OCT 20 Preemergence weed control I:  Mul ches Outline Presentation Handout
OCT 25 Preemergence weed control II:  Preemergence herbicides Outline Presentation Handout
OCT 27 Preemergence weed control III:  Preemergence herbicides continued.; and how to use available resources – AG427 Outline Presentation Handout
NOV 1 EXAM 2005 exam 1 2007 exam 2
NOV 3 Postemergence weed control I:  Selective grass control Outline Presentation Handout
NOV 8 Return and Review Exam
NOV 8 Postemergence weed control II:  Selective broadleaf weed control Outline Presentation Handout
NOV 10 Postemergence weed control III:  Non-selective herbicides Outline Presentation Handout
NOV 15 Calibration and application uniformity Outline Presentation
NOV 17 Controlling hard to kill weeds Part I:  sedges in landscape plantings  Outline Presentation Handout
NOV 22 Controlling hard to kill plants Part II see above see above
NOV 29 Controlling hard to kill weeds cont. Study Questions Same as above
Dec 1 LAST CLASS — finish hard to kill weeds and Review 2004 Final 2007 Final 2007 Final with answers