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NC State Extension

Ornamental Weeds and Diseases (AGI 195-004)

Credit Hours: 3
Grading: letter

Instructor: Dr. Joseph C. Neal
Office: 262 Kilgore Hall
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., by appointment only.
Contact Dr. Neal via email for an appointment.

Students are advised to print lecture handouts before class and come prepared to take notes on those handouts. Check this web site before each class for updated handouts.

Weed Management Lectures:

AUG 23 Weed Identification and Biology Lecture handout
Weed Collection Instructions
Oct 4 Principles of landscape weed management Lecture handout Presentation
Oct 6 Fall Break — No class
Oct 11 Preemergence weed control Lecture handout Presentation
Oct 13 Quiz and Preemergence weed control See above See above
Oct 18 POST weed control Lecture handout Presentation
Oct 20 Quiz and Hard to control weeds Lecture handout Presentation
Oct 25 Pesticide Safety (guest lecture)
Oct 25 or 26 Evening exam review — time place TBA
Oct 27 Exam (Weed Management Section)